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Venture Trust nominated for The People's Choice Soldiering On award

Venture Trust is delighted to announce that it has been nominated as a finalist in the Soldiering On People’s Choice award. Nomination for the People’s Choice award, which is voted for by the public, was done in recognition of Venture Trust’s work with veterans through its Positive Futures programme. The Soldiering On awards will be held in London on April 20 where the results will be announced.

To date, the Positive Futures programme, funded by Forces in Mind Trust (FiMT), has supportetd 173 veterans since the first course began in spring of 2016. With additional Libor funding to 2021, the programme can engage with a further 180 ex service men and women.

The Positive Futures programme helps individuals with any military experience, of any age, who are struggling with the transition to civilian life. It is a three phase personal development programme that centres around a wilderness journey in the Scottish Highlands.

Once referred to Venture Trust and assigned an outreach worker, the participant begins the first phase of the programme. They are assessed and attend various meetings and workshops, one-to-one and in groups, to ascertain the best course of action.

Using the outdoors as a catalyst for change, Venture Trust supports its veterans to utilise the skills learnt within the military, and redeploy into a civilian environment. The wilderness journey is the light bulb moment for most people: they are away from negative influences, from phones and social media, drugs, alcohol etc, and close to nature which gives a different perspective. It allows the participants time and space to take stock and work out what they want from life, and it gives them the confidence to start achieving their goals.

The participants may have learnt vital skills, and experienced a shift change mentally while on the wilderness journey, but things can be very different when they return to their own environment, and so this is where Venture Trust really comes to the fore. In the final phase of the programme, the participants begin to make those positive changes, and put those skills into action with the continued support of their outreach worker. For up to 18 months, they are encouraged to achieve their aims; this might be getting a job, finding a home, building bridges with family, or kicking addiction etc.

Amelia Morgan, Chief Executive Officer at Venture Trust comments, "Nomination in the People’s Choice award means that we are getting it right. Positive Futures programme is getting results; supporting veterans to transition to civilian life, successfully, and sustainably. We hope that this nomination shines a light on the issues facing veterans in civilian life and that some people can struggle. Our former service men and women have given so much, it is only right that collectively we work to support every individual needing extra help. So every vote for Venture Trust is one step towards supporting another veteran."

Venture Trust needs your support. It takes no more than 30 seconds to vote. Venture Trust needs you to vote for its Positive Futures programme in the Soldiering On People's Choice award. Winning the award will help Venture Trust to raise the profile of its Positive Futures programme, and ensure that it reaches those most in need of its help. Please click here to make your choice:

Please share on your social networks, and with colleagues and friends. Help Venture Trust to provide much needed support to veterans.

For more information on the Positive Futures programme, please click here.

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