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Venture Trust celebrates International Women's Day

This Friday 8th March - International Women’s Day - the world takes a moment to reflect on female role models. Radio 4’s Woman's Hour recently compiled a list of the 100 most powerful women in the UK; full of ‘movers and shakers’ including Theresa May, Elisabeth Murdoch and headed – naturally – by HM The Queen.

This International Women’s Day, Venture Trust is taking a different approach. Specialising in offering personal development support to those caught up in the criminal justice system, we're no stranger to inspirational stories from less conventional role-models. The women on our programmes have rarely had success handed to them on a plate, and their successes are sometimes less obvious than those heading companies, driving politics and running countries.

However, chatting to the women who've taken part in our programmes, it doesn't take long to find empowerment, encouragement and inspiration.

This International Women's Day, we'll be celebrating women like these:

"VT helped me so much before I went up there I was a mess now I am engaged and have a place of my own and I have the skills to hold down a job. Witch without your help I don’t think I would be here today" - Mary

"Because of VT I've been able to gain the confidence to take control of my life. I have stopped making excuses and i start collage on the 3rd of September. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the experiences met loads of new people and gained all sorts of skills" - Debbie

"First 3 days were hard, first 4 days I stropped, last 3 days never stropped once, and safe to say iv only stropped once since being back home hehe! thanks to everyone, not just staff! yous (we) were all amazing!" - Shawnie

"I want to pass my computer course, and I want to open my own fast food van. And I want to stay out of trouble – that’s a biggie. And I’m not doing bad, I’m coming on three years [without getting into trouble], and I just want to enjoy my life. My attitude’s changed, I’m not as aggressive, I walk away from situations that would have got me into trouble before. And I try to think that, if I do get myself into a situation, it’s just better to walk away, which is what I’ve been doing. Trying to stay focussed, mentally and physically, and just improve my quality of life, eh" - Sally

Huge congratulations to all the women who've taken part in our programmes: you're our inspiration this International Women's Day.

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