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Everything’s more positive, aye.

My life’s changed for the better, I’m healthier, happier, thriving. I’ve got a career now, I can see a future.

I’m doing a lot more walking now, and I’m trying to do a lot more things that are positive instead of negative. I’m trying to stay focussed, trying to lose weight. Smoking less. My life’s changed a lot, I’m trying to get rid of all the negative things, just taking one day at a time. And keep focussed on things that are making me happy, and I’m just basically trying to take one day at a time.

I feel great, I feel a lot better than I’ve done in a long time.

Instead of sitting watching the telly, I want to get up and go for a nine mile walk. I do that three or four times a week now; I’d never have thought of doing that before. I want to pass my computer course, and I want to open my own fast food van. And I want to stay out of trouble – that’s a biggie. And I’m not doing bad, I’m coming on three years [without getting into trouble], and I just want to enjoy my life. My attitude’s changed, I’m not as aggressive, I walk away from situations that would have got me into trouble before.

[If I hadn’t come on the Venture Trust course] I’d be in jail, I’d be sitting in Cornton Vale.

There’s no two ways about it. It’d be the same old me, I’d of gone for a bevvie, gone fighting, be in the jail. Now I just go for a walk, total change of attitude, I’m nicer to people now, treat people with more respect. I see people in a different light now eh, before I used to think they were all against me, and I was just fighting for survival, I never used to bother about anybody. But it’s different now, I see them differently.

[If I could go back to the beginning] I wouldn’t go to Applecross for a week, I’d go for a year!

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