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Christmas in Kachere

Another of our partners blogging about our work this week; this time out in Malawi.

Irish Rule of Law; one of our working partners in Kachere, attended Venture Trust's Christmas party 'with a difference' in the prison. The following extract is taken from their blog:

"While everyday is obviously tough in a prison which is so significantly overcrowded and I could talk in detail about the difficulties these boys face and the harsh sentences they are getting from the courts, I want to leave that aside for just one day and focus on the positive work that is going on there and the changes that good people are trying to bring about to improve the lives of the boys living there. They have been significant in trying to guide young men towards positive destinations on release" - Irish Rule of Law's blog

As with all our work in Malawi (and indeed, worldwide), the day was a chance for our participants to showcase the skills they'd already learnt, develop and strengthen newer skills, and prepare for independent adulthood and successful futures. Here, the young men taking part showed off their skills in planning ahead, working as part of a group, and communicating effectively, all skills that will serve them well on release. They also had the chance to think about some of the challenges which may still be ahead of them, and seek support to help them overcome such difficulties:

"The boys really took to their roles and had written the dialogue themselves with the help of a local drama group who work with the prisoners. The drama group, who are from Area 23 in Lilongwe, then put on a play which was centered around the story of two young men leaving the facility at the end of their prison sentence and the difficulties they could encounter once released... The play while touching on some very serious issues was done in a very lighthearted manner and went down a treat with everyone present".

The day ended on a lighter note - with an appearance by a secret visitor from the North....! All in all a really successful day: skills learnt, relationships developed, and fun had by all.

Merry Christmas Kachere... or Unjoya Christmasi, Chisangalalo Kwamberi, and Joyeaux Noel!

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